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We create smart UX / UI design that is a pleasure to use and delivers commercial success. We love helping start-ups and small businesses to achieve their goals by creating beautiful and optimised digital products.


Design is not only about aesthetics, design is experience. The moment the user has to switch their attention from the content to the UI and needs to think in order to navigate through your website or app is the moment your UX has failed.

We Plan

Based on your requirements and needs, we’ll start working on every single step of the process carefully and strategically, including timing, milestones, specialists involved, budget etc. Expect no surprises!

We Research & Test

Depending on your needs, we always aim for the widest possible set of research tools and techniques to make sure that both you and we have a 100% clear vision of what we’ll be designing. We do our very best to understand the market, your users’ (current & prospective) behaviour and needs, how they interact with your products, and what they like about your competitors. We carry out usability testing with real people across a number of devices and browsers to make sure we get the user insight we need to perfect the final design.

We Design

We’re having tons of fun designing new products, but our creativity is always developed on evidence. The design process includes 3 main stages:

Information Architecture - this is basically the skeleton of your website and how the user will find their way from point A to point B. Once you’re happy with the information architecture of your product, this will save us tons of work later on.

Wireframes and low fidelity prototypes - this is a clickable prototype of your product. You’ll be able to visualise and test where your logo, navigation, page components etc. will be positioned and how the user will navigate through your app/website. We can also implement some essential user experience design elements at this stage.

Interface Design - from smart diagrams and tables your project is turning into a visually beautiful product. At this stage we should have your style guide (which could be your own or one designed by us), so it’s time to start implementing the final design work. This is when we choose the right fonts, colours, spacing, sizing, layouts and content. All our websites and web apps are responsive and work seamlessly across all devices and browsers.

When your product moves into development, we can continue working with your engineers to ensure we protect the integrity of the user experience. If your dev team requires a design change, we’ll make sure the UX experience remains intact.

We Optimise

When your product is ready and launched is when the real testing begins. Optimisation is an essential part of the UX Design process, and we’re happy to continue working with you to maximise the results of the work that’s already been done. In simple words, we find and fix problems in existing user journeys. Sometimes this is not needed, but in most cases small design tweaks can improve the commercial results dramatically. We never trust the stats blindly, and always aim to detect and understand how fine details impact the overall performance of your product.


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From a one-man show to a team of experienced UX and UI designers

Hi! I’m Stef Ivanov, a UI/UX designer based in London. After working full time for all sorts of companies over the past 8 years - from agencies and e-commerce brands, to start-ups and digital art projects, I came to realise that what companies need the most is an injection of fresh design vision to help them build the product they’ve worked so hard for. Having spent considerable time as an in-house designer, I truly believe that designers are at their best when they’re involved in a variety of projects and have the opportunity to express their creativity with every new client. That’s why, hiring an external team of UX UI specialists brings better results than relying only on the in-house team.

Throughout the last year I’ve been lucky to work on a freelance basis with some very successful and growing businesses. This naturally led to my setting up of EGORILLA, a small team of UX and UI designers and marketers brought together to help me take the business further.

Our speciality is digital start-ups, but we also have the capacity to deliver larger corporate projects. We’ve designed for brands such as Nissan and the Foreign & Commonwealth office. I was the lead designer of Peerindex, a social media analytics platform that was acquired by Brandwatch in 2014.

I also spent a few months at Techstars helping another start-up, Kimono, to develop their projects.

Desi joined me as a co-founder after spending almost a decade working on the online marketing front. Her experience includes working with brands such as Betfair, Gamesys, Virgin Games and Jackpotjoy. She’s brilliant at understanding the online user journey and online behaviour, and she will always make sure you receive an exceptionally polished final product.

We’re working with very talented and motivated designers and developers based in different parts of the world. We believe that remote working is the future, and we prefer to choose the people we work with based on their skills and enthusiasm rather than how easy it is for them to commute to the office. This creates a happy and flexible work environment composed of professionals of diverse background, talent and experience. I’m still overseeing every single project, and I’m also the lead designer for all products that go into our portfolio.

We believe that good communication is key to building a healthy relationship with our clients and delivering successful projects, so we promise to be upfront and clear about what you can expect from the very first meeting. Ready to grab a coffee?

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